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Review of Rise of the Wolf

Originally posted on Stuart S. Laing:

Brutal, Bloody, Brilliant

Rise of the Wolf by Steven A. McKay

Reviewed by Stuart S. Laing

The Rise of the Wolf is the third in the marvellous Forest Lord series by Steven A. McKay and delivers, once again, a solid, engrossing read that hits you like a punch in the guts! archerWhen an author takes on such a well-known tale featuring a character such as Robin Hood he is either brave, or foolish. He has to bring something to the tale that breathes fresh life into the story. Something that sets it apart from all the previous tales, or it is simply a pot of reheated left-overs. Thankfully Steven has given a whole new spin on the man with the bow. Those who have read the previous books know to expect to find themselves in Yorkshire, deep in the leafy expanse of Barnsdale Forest rather than the green trees of…

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Rise of the Wolf by Steven A. McKay – Review


Stunning new review for Rise of the Wolf! “a story that is by far the best I’ve read in a long time.”

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Title – Rise of the Wolf
Author – Steven A. McKay
Genre – Historical Fiction
Publication – Expected 31st July/1st August 2015
My Rating – 5/5


Sir Guy of Gisbourne is back!

Bent on vengeance against Robin Hood and with a turncoat new lieutenant in tow, an unlikely new hero must stand up for herself…


The greenwood has been quiet and the outlaws have become complacent, but the harsh reality of life is about to hit the companions with brutal, deadly force thanks to their old foe, Prior John de Monte Martini.

From a meeting with King Edward II himself to the sheriff’s tournament with its glittering prize, the final, fatal, showdown fast approaches for the legendary Wolf’s Head.

New friends, shattered loyalties, and a hate-fuelled hunter that threatens to wipe out not only Robin’s companions but his entire family will all play their part in…

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Another stunning review for Rise of the Wolf

It’s always nerve-wracking when a Robin Hood scholar reads one of my books. They know the legend inside out and have their own ideas of how it should be treated.

So I was very happy to read this quite fantastic review of my new book on Goodreads. Take a look and get ready for publication this Friday!  #RiseOfTheWolf

“McKay’s straight-forward style is consistent and well-suited to his story, but I also observed that there was considerable growth in the scope of his writing with this one.”

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Rise of the Wolf – The Forest Lord # 3 by Steven A. McKay


First review of Rise of the Wolf!

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Just when things are such that Robin can spend time with his family, old and dangerous foes combine forces and the Wolf and his band of outlaws find themselves facing their greatest challenge to survive.  This is the third volume in The Forest Lord series and it is a continuation of the excellence exhibited in the first two.  The author has given us a tale that is hard to put down, filled with riveting action and tense drama.  The characters shine throughout, from the ebullient Tuck, the imposing presence of John Little, the unrelenting stare of Will Scarlett, the love and devotion of Matilda (Robin’s wife)and the coming of age of Marjorie (Robin’s sister).  There are also the dramatic twists of plot and fate of some who live and die in a hard and cruel world.  I will not engage in spoilers so you’ll have to believe me when I…

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Wolf’s Head is FREE on Kindle!

UPDATE – FREE promotion is now finished. It ran for two days and 4,500 people all across the globe downloaded it! Hopefully a few of them enjoy and decide to buy the others.

Yes, FREE! As part of the promotion for Rise of the Wolf coming out this Friday I decided to let as many people as possible start the series so…if you haven’t read any of my stuff yet, what are you waiting for?  Just click the cover image below and it should take you directly to your own country’s Amazon page.

Tell your friends!

And keep and eye out because The Wolf and the Raven will be on sale during this week at a much reduced price so you can get the first two Forest Lord books for next to nothing.

Fill your boots, and your pals boots, and your families boots and any other boots you can find!


The Wolf will Rise…Friday July 31st 2015!

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Yep, I’ve been waiting on feedback from beta-readers, changing things, tightening this and that and now I can tell you, Rise of the Wolf will be published next Friday, July 31 2015. Assuming I get the files all sorted and uploaded in time of course…

Obviously there won’t be a long pre-order period for it. I’ll hopefully have it listed to go on Amazon on Thursday night (GMT) – my reasons for this will be made clear in a blog post about it very soon. Ultimately, I’d like as many people as possible to buy the book the day it comes out, or as soon as they can, so it gets a good chart placing.

I’ll be offering prizes to everyone on my mailing list that buys Rise on day one – signed copies of each book, including the new one; free downloads of the audio books; Amazon gift cards… If you haven’t signed up for the mailing list yet, CLICK HERE

Please help me promote the launch by: buying your copy as soon as you can; using the Twitter hashtag #RiseOfTheWolf; leaving a review on Amazon and Goodreads once you’ve finished it; sharing it all with your friends on Facebook etc… In short, let’s get the word out!

In the meantime, I’ve listed the book on Goodreads and there’s a giveaway to enter. Two copies, signed, up for grabs so check it out:


RotW final FINAL!

Knight of the Cross By Steven A. McKay – Review


A fantastic new review of my novella, Knight of the Cross. Dagon is coming!

Originally posted on David's Book Blurg:


Title – Knight of the Cross
Author – Steven A. McKay
Genre – Historical Fiction
Length – 103 Pages
Publication – 19th September 2014
My Rating – 5/5


The Knights Hospitaller battle ancient evil in medieval Rhodes as mysterious disappearances and insane devil-worshippers threaten to turn the entire island into a bloodbath…

When three Hospitallers go missing from a local village outraged Grand Master Foulques de Villaret sends the English knight Sir Richard-at-Lee and his trusted sergeant-at-arms Jacob to discover their fate. Met with resistance from frightened locals and rumours of a blasphemous sect performing unspeakable rites beneath the village Sir Richard must overcome not only the devil-worshippers but the faceless, unstoppable demon that stalks his dreams.

Fans of the best-selling Forest Lord books “Wolf’s Head” and “The Wolf and the Raven” will enjoy this spin-off novella that sees the much-loved English knight up against a foe that threatens…

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Proofs have arrived!

The first proofs of the Rise of the Wolf paperbacks arrived today. Looking good, I’m very pleased with the whole set!

I still have some changes and revisions to make so haven’t got a firm release date yet. I am hoping to get it out there within the next two or three weeks though, so keep an eye open for it. Sign up for the mailing list (see the button at the top of the page) if you haven’t already, as I’ll be offering signed copies along with other prizes for anyone buying a copy on day one!



Writing Superheroes! New interview with me, have a gander

Brand new Q&A with yours truly in which I talk about the new bookhow I deal with my supervillain, and the importance of Wham! and Noddy Holder…


All good superhero stories, have a sequel–something else happens after the first foe is vanquished.  How does your sequel begin (after the publication of you first/most recent book….)

In my last book, The Wolf and the Raven, Sir Guy of Gisbourne was vanquished, with a terrible scar and an eye missing for his troubles. In the new novel, Rise of the Wolf, Gisbourne is back and, as you’d expect, rather annoyed…In terms of beginnings, this is the first time I’ve used a prologue. I never really understood why they were needed but, looking at the structure of the book, I thought this would be a better way to kick things off than the first chapter. I hope my readers agree!

Click the pic of me to read the rest!

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