Signed paperback giveaway – FREEBIE time!

If you’d like to win a signed copy of either of my two books, head on over to my Facebook page and follow the instructions! All you need to do is SHARE the page and let me know you’ve done it, it’s as simple as that. :-) Head on over!

“OK, it’s been a while since I hosted a giveaway, and I’ve got a few copies of both books sitting here looking for a good home. So…if you’d like to win a signed paperback of Wolf’s Head or The Wolf and the Raven (your choice which one) just SHARE this PAGE on your timeline (there’s a SHARE button on the banner up top ^^^). Spread the word to all your friends, get them on board, and post a comment right here to let me know you’ve done it. I’ll pick two winners in a few days! Good luck and thanks all 
Share the PAGE remember, not this post! I think you may have to click on the three little dots on the banner, and that opens a drop down menu with “Share” in the list, that’s the one we want!”

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Amazon KDP Newsletter


I’m featured in this month’s KDP newsletter which goes out worldwide so is possibly the biggest piece of promotion I’ve been a part of so far. It’s targeted at other authors though, from what I can see, so might not sell many books but it’s still amazing to be part of it. I can’t thank Amazon KDP enough for their support!

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New novella finished!

Well, nearly…

Just finished the first draft of the new novella! It’s at about 17,500 words, but that’ll be added to as I fill in some of the blanks. Should be good value for money if I sell the ebooks for about 77p/99c, right? It’ll also be available as a (rather small I’d imagine) paperback.

I hope you’re as excited about this as I am…


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Daily Telegraph piece from yesterday

Here’s the article from yesterday’s Daily Telegraph. My first appearance in a national, UK-wide newspaper!

Telegraph article-page-001


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Update on new novella…

I decided to write a novella (looking at 15-20,000 words) based around Sir Richard-at-Lee’s time as a Hospitaller knight in Rhodes. I’ve managed to write 5,000 words in under a week so it looks like it’s going to happen! Cover designers have been contacted, editor is on board and the narrator of my Wolf’s Head audiobook is in too!

I’m looking at having it out within the next couple of months although there’s no big hurry and I might be as well letting people get through The Wolf and the Raven first so…we’ll see.

Expect something a little different with this – elements of the supernatural…ancient evil…mysterious disappearances…and not a longbow or forest to be found!

Click the FOLLOW button at the top of this page to keep up to date with the progress, or check out my page on Facebook! I will do a Goodreads giveaway once it’s ready to go, so do check back and…please share with your book-loving friends!  ;-)


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Happy birthday!

Today is exactly one year since my debut novel, Wolf’s Head, was published.


I had no idea what to expect – I was simply hoping to make a few sales and begin to make a name for myself that I could build on during the coming years.

Well, things have gone much better than I could ever have hoped, with both Wolf’s Head and the sequel The Wolf and the Raven hitting Amazon’s “War” chart number 1 spot, with the first novel even making it onto the overall Top 20 bestseller list!

Wolf and Raven ebook cover final

I’ve had an audiobook produced, been invited down to the capital by Amazon KDP for the London Book Fair (as well as being feautured on the front page of, contributed articles to the Writers and Artists Yearbook website and, just last night, started work on a novella which will sit outside the main Forest Lord series and tell us something about Sir Richard-at-Lee’s time on Cyprus with the Knights Hospitaller (expect something different with that, I’m looking to add elements of the supernatural…).


Not to mention my son, Riley, being born! And all of this while still working full-time as a gas/electric meter reader.


So, happy birthday to Wolf’s Head, and thank you to all my readers for supporting me over the last year. Hopefully the next year brings even more success and I can get the novella, as well as book three in The Forest Lord, published. Remember to follow me here on WordPress, or on my Facebook page to keep up with everything and, please – spread the word! :-)


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Pics from LBF 14

Here’s a couple of photos from the London Book Fair, showing one of the panels I did with bestselling crime writer Mel Sherratt, and head of KDP UK, Darren Hardy. Still hasn’t really sunk in that I was part of it all!




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EM Powell interviews me this time! Giveaway too!

And there’s a chance to win a free download of the Wolf’s Head audiobook, so be sure and enter!


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Another Writers and Artists Yearbook article by me, this time on self-publishing

Take a look, this time the question is “should I self publish?” with some tips on how to get started.


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Best-selling author E.M. Powell chats with me about her audiobook!

Since June is audiobook month, I asked another bestselling author to tell me about making an audio version of their novel. This time we have E.M. Powell, whose debut novel The Fifth Knight was an Amazon number 1! Trust me, hitting the top spot is an incredible achievement, and one I’m very jealous of, so I’m sure Elaine will have plenty of good advice to offer.  

Hi Elaine, I’ll start with a simple one: Why make an audiobook?

My route to publication was slightly unusual. The Fifth Knight, my medieval thriller about the murder of Thomas Becket in 1170, was originally published as a Kindle Serial. Kindle Serials were an venture where readers paid one price for a book and then received it in installments over a six week period. My publishers, Thomas & Mercer, then released it as a complete novel. The audiobook followed almost twelve months later in October 2013.


How did you find your narrator and why did you choose him?

Thomas & Mercer took care of all that. And I think they made a fantastic choice in James Langton. James has narrated dozens of Audiobooks in historical, thriller and romance genres. Reviewers of all his work seem to like his voice a lot. One said she found ‘his tone soothing and the slight huskiness to his voice very attractive.’ I think that’s a fair description!

How did you feel when you first heard your book being read by James?

Weirdly, I was really nervous before I pressed play! I think that when we write novels, we have our own internal voice in our head. Then when we read aloud, it sounds different. To then listen to a third party read our words makes it into something else again, something over which we no longer have control.

I think it’s also a bit like when you see a film or a TV series based on a novel you like. The medium of the book has now been changed. Done badly, it ruins a good book. Done well, it becomes something that you can enjoy just as much, which was the case for me. I loved how James narrated The Fifth Knight.

I agree, not just as writers, but as readers too, we have our own internal voice, our own idea of how a narrator sounds. It can be very strange to hear a different voice reading your words!

How has feedback been so far from listeners?

Generally very positive. I really liked what this reviewer had to say: ‘James Langton did a really good job of narrating the book. His voices were a very good mixture and easy to identify the characters. The women’s voices were well done also. I felt like he had a real feeling for the characters and was not just reading them like some do. I will look for more from him.’

In The Fifth Knight, easy identification of characters was essential. I had at times five characters (All potentially called Sir!) in the same fast-paced scene. This was difficult enough to keep clear on the page. Without a really good narrator, it could have been too difficult to follow.

But it’s an oddly different process from other reviews, which are all about the novel and the actual story (mostly!). Audio reviews are of course about the narrator as well.

Any tips for authors wanting to make an audiobook or promoting one?

Less is more when it comes to characterisation. An Audiobook is not a radio play, it’s a narrated novel. A radio play might last an hour. An Audiobook like The Fifth Knight (which is a standard 100,000 word novel) runs at eleven and a half hours. So while you might have an Irish or a French character that doesn’t grate in writing, it would be very easy to drive a listener up the wall with repeated Top O’ The Morning/Inspector Clouseau voices.

Actually, that sounds highly entertaining, although you’re probably right and it would grate after a while! Do you plan on making more of your books available in audio format?

The sequel to The Fifth Knight is called The Blood of The Fifth Knight and is to be published by Thomas & Mercer in late 2014 (as a complete novel: there is no serialisation this time). The production process for the Audiobook has already started.

Would you use the same narrator?

I have pleaded for James Langton again and am hoping those pleas have been listened to!

Overall, how do you feel about the whole experience?

It’s been a bit daunting and of course it requires another round of promotion. But I think there’s going to be more readers who will take up Audiobooks with advances in technology such as Whispersync that’s available on When you own the Whispersync for Voice-ready Kindle book and the Audible audiobook you can switch between reading and listening without losing your place. Overall, it’s been great.

Many thanks to Elaine for answering my questions. I hope you’ll check out her audiobook and keep an eye out for the sequel, Blood of the Fifth Knight



E.M. Powell is the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, The Fifth Knight, a medieval thriller based on the murder of Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral in 1170. The next book in the series, The Blood of The Fifth Knight, will be published by Thomas & Mercer in late 2014. Visit her website at or her Facebook page at . The audio version of The Fifth Knight can be purchased here:




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